Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rondo Steps Up, Celts Collect Much Needed Win

It was an ugly first quarter, but Boston took complete control of the game against the Pacers in the final three quarters, resulting in a 94-75 win. The starters were able to go limited minutes and still pull out the win, a luxury for Doc Rivers who will be managing minutes again tonight in a tough game in Atlanta.
Rajon Rondo played the way Celtics fans have envisioned him playing throughout the losing streak, finally showing signs of the aggressive player that he needs to be. Without even stepping on the floor in the fourth quarter, Rondo poured in 18 points to go along with seven assists and five rebounds. But it was the way Rondo did it that should catch your attention. He attacked the paint relentlessly, and did not ignore scoring opportunities as he has been. Rondo went 9-for-14 from the field in 29 minutes. This is the type of player the Celtics want him to be, and frankly the type of game that should be expected of him if this team is to contend.
Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were contributors, following Rondo's lead as they have been hoping for all year. KG scored 18 as well, but was ejected in the fourth quarter for a flagrant foul on Tyler Hansbrough (game high 19 points). Pierce chipped in 13 points with six rebounds and five assists (to go with a game high +20 in +/-).
Although there were not too many points scored, the Boston offense seemed to take a much better form with Rondo aggressively at the helm. The defense allowed 75 points against a hot Indiana team in a throwback 2008 performance. It was a good night at the Garden on Friday. Evident when Jared Sullinger leads the team in minutes in a win. Another hot team is on the slate tonight for the Celtics as they travel to Atlanta to play the Hawks(20-11).

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  1. Seems like Rondo is back on track. Let's see if he can keep it up.