Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to .500 - Time to Look at Trades

They lose three in a row, they win six in a row, then they lose three in a row again. Who is this team!? The inconsistencies are glaring, and it is becoming frustrating after a blow out loss to the Pistons. Here are the mighty Boston Celtics at 20-20, back to a .500 record. Past teams in the Garnett era have come out of the gate slow, but have maintained an identity that has helped the Celtics finish those seasons strong. This current Celtics team is yet to establish an identity, which could make it difficult to turn this season around.

Doc Rivers is as frustrated as anyone, and believes his team is not willing to put the work in; "I don't think we have the commitment to be a good basketball team. This team wants everything easy, they want the easy way out. They want to win easy, but the only way you're going to win easy is you're going to have to play hard. We're taking the wrong approach. I've either go to find the right combination, the right guys, or we're going to have to get some guys out of here." Clearly Rivers is turning the heat up on his players, challenging them to play the right way, or we will find someone that will.

This team is clearly in need of two things: size and scoring. So lets take a look at some options. The earlier names mentioned look like they are no longer on the move: Marcin Gortat (no longer wants a trade), DeMarcus Cousins (Kings will need a franchise player when they move to Seattle), Anderson Varejao (out for season). Here are some names that could potentially be acquired and make an impact in Boston:

Josh Smith: This would probably be the biggest move the Celtics could make. Smith is an ultra talented power forward with an inside/outside game and can defend and rebound the ball. Although the Celtics would have to give up a lot to get him, he is exactly what this team needs. It is no secret that the Hawks want to try and enter the Dwight Howard/Chris Paul lottery this summer, and Smith is rumored to walk from the Hawks as a free agent either way. He is a high school teammate of Rajon Rondo, so the two are not only good friends, but have chemistry on the court. Smith would be an ideal deadline add for the Celtics.

Samuel Dalembert: After being traded from Houston to the Bucks Dalembert has only been playing about 20 minutes per game, often less. John Henson and Larry Sanders have been great for the Bucks and eat up a lot of minutes. (Larry Sanders would be the better add for the Celtics... but that just is not going to happen) Dalembert is not a scorer, but an athletic big man that can rebound and defend. He would certainly take some pressure off of KG defending around the basket.

Paul Millsap/Al Jefferson: The Jazz have a four man log jam at the power forward/center spot. Along with Millsap and Jefferson, youngsters Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter are both talented players. One of these four are going to have to move at some point, why not at the trade deadline? Assuming Utah keeps the two younger players that means Jefferson or Millsap would be on the move. Jefferson obviously has a past with Boston, and was the piece that landed the Celtics KG. He is a slightly improved defensive player since his time here, but Jefferson is a very valuable low post scorer. He would be a perfect piece to start alongside Garnett. Millsap has more of an inside/outside game, but is also a proven scorer much like Jefferson. Either player would fit in well, but I prefer Jefferson.

Robin Lopez: Lopez is a good defender and has really improved as a scorer and shooter. Although he would not be as big of an acquisition as the other big men on this list, Lopez would be a quality add, and probably a starter for the Celtics in the front court. Maybe the Hornets will want to move Lopez and hand the keys over to Anthony Davis as the teams starting center.

J.J. Redick: The Celtics are already rumored to be interested in Redick. Although Boston is deep at guard, scoring is desperately needed and Redick is the type of shooter that can get hot quick. Redick would not be a headline add to the team alone, but along with another move for a front court player that involves moving Courtney Lee or Jason Terry, Redick would be welcomed in.

Greg Oden: Oden is obviously a free agent, but absolutely would be a valuable addition to the Celtics. Oden is not ready to play, but fully expects to be in playing shape for next season. Oden has expressed interest in potentially signing with a team this year though, and either playing some spot minutes, or just continuing to prepare for next season with that team. Many teams have expressed interest in Oden, but Boston is one of them as Danny Ainge made clear on WEEI. Injuries have been Oden's weakness, but after his time off the risk could be worth the reward.

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