Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celtics Tuesday Practice Notes

The Celtics had practice in Waltham on Tuesday morning, and have been focusing specifically on the defensive end. They are one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now, and have climbed up to number 13 on the ESPN NBA Power Rankings.

A lot of the buzz at practice was about Doc Rivers' son Austin coming to town tomorrow night as a member of the Hornets to play against his father and the Celtics. I am happy to be seeing the game in person tomorrow night for two reasons, neither of which are Austin Rivers. Rivers was one of the more overrated players in the draft, and was selected high based on potential that I fail to see.

Austin is a pure shooter, but gets his points on volume shooting rather than picking his spots. His ball handling and decision making is far to shaky to play at the lead guard spot, and his size leaves him as a questionable option off the ball.

The two things I will be looking for at the game will be if the Celtics can stay hot defensively and keep getting major contributions from their bench. And the real Hornets rookie everyone should want to see: Anthony Davis. Damian Lillard and Jared Sullinger are looking like the two biggest steals in the draft thus far. But Anthony Davis has been good when he has been in the lineup, and could just take some time to develop into the star he is expected to be. It should be fun to see him matched up against an elite defensive counterpart like Kevin Garnett, the type of player some think Davis has the potential to be like in the future.

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