Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Atlantic Division Update

Danny Ainge recently stated that he sees no need for the team to make a move right now with their recent resurgence. Going on to add that there is no need to add someone to sit on the bench. Although the team may be rolling right now, they still have a need for a high energy big man. During this win streak that role has been nicely filled by Jared Sullinger and even Jeff Green (even though he plays a majority at small forward). But Ainge would be a fool to put his post season trust in a rookie and a player who has proven he can be as inconsistent at times as Green.

If Sullinger and Green can keep this up that would be a hell of a bonus, but better safe than sorry. Both players will have their moments, but can not yet be relied on. For more check out Hoops Rumors on this topic and updates on the hot Nets and cold Sixers click here.

While you are on Hoops Rumors also check out these thoughts about LeBron James possibly opting out of his contract to return to Cleveland, and vote on the poll here.

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