Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chippy Victory at MSG

The Celtics picked up a 102-96 victory over the Atlantic Division leading Knicks on Monday night without suspended guard Rajon Rondo. The bench was huge, especially early in the game with Kevin Garnett being the only starter to score until half way through the second quarter. Paul Pierce was clutch again down the stretch, finishing with 23 points capped by a crushing fade away jumper over Tyson Chandler to essentially ice the game. KG went for 19 and 10 boards, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, and Jared Sullinger all were in double digits and key contributors on the defensive end as well.

The story of the game were the altercations between Garnett and Carmelo Anthony. They were called for double-technical fouls halfway though the fourth quarter, and remained chatty together throughout the game. Carmelo was then waiting for KG by the Celtics' team bus after the game, and was said to have to be restrained from the Celtics' locker room by security and teammates.

Here are some of the post game reports from CBS as well as a link to Barstool Sports for what KG is rumored to have said to Melo that set him off, click the links below:

Melo waits by Celtics team bus for KG

What KG said to Melo that flipped the switch

Although some may knock on Garnett, this is part of the reason he is as effective as he is. Besides his expanded game on offense, being the teams MVP on defense, KG also plays the role of instigator. And from time-to-time it works like it did last night. "Garnett was in the best opposing players head and he finished the game like it was bothering him. Meanwhile, Paul Pierce was able to take the game into his hands and take the Celtics home.

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