Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quick Notes

Rajon Rondo will hold off on surgery for a couple weeks to repair his torn right ACL. In the meantime, Rondo will be seeking a second opinion from well known Dr. James Andrews. The Celtics will wait about five days for the swelling to go down before Andrews looks at the knee. But Doc River's has mentioned that whatever Adrian Peterson did to recover from his ACL injury, the Celtics will do. Dr. Andrews performed Peterson's surgery, so this looks to be the first of those steps.

 Doc Rivers has also mentioned that he is not too worried about his teams ball handling without Rondo.  A lot of players will push the ball up the floor, including Paul Pierce and Jeff Green along with all the guards. The second unit has been doing this without Rondo all season, so there is already a comfort level with a lot of that players that they are able to do this.

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