Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Go Figure

The Celtics have not lost a game since both Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger went down for the season. Improbable wins over the Heat and now Clippers have given a whole new life to the Celtics' season. In between those two wins were convincing double digit wins over the Kings and Magic all at home in the TD Garden.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have been leaders through the stretch, and their names are becoming less and less likely to come up in trade talks with each win. The latest rumor surfaced with the Clippers in town and having strong interest in KG. But Boston was quick to let LA know that it is going to take more than Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler to get their attention. Here are Garnett's thoughts on the trade rumors courtesy of Hoops Rumors.

The key to their victories actually seems to be the bump up in scoring that the team has seen in their "no point guard system".  The offense has been thriving without Rondo in what seems to be a much more free flowing way. Rather than forcing the ball to Rondo to get it up the court, there are now six legitimate options to handle the ball (Bradley, Terry, Lee, Barbosa, Pierce, and Green). All six of them have taken advantage of their opportunity and are playing more effective than they were when Rondo was in the lineup. In particular Jason Terry and Jeff Green have found their rhythm. Terry in the sense that he has come out of his slum, and Green by becoming a consistent contributor. Leandro Barbosa has gone from not knowing if he is going to play (when Rondo is in the lineup), to being one of the top scoring options off the bench in this new system.

We'll find out more later this week when the Celtics travel to play the upbeat Rudy Gay Raptors team before hosting Kobe and the Lakers in Boston on Thursday night.

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