Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celtics Rumors

Dwight Howard was dominant on Wednesday night against the Boston Celtics, putting forward what looked to be his best effort of the season. He finished with 24 points and 12 rebounds, one of seven Lakers in double figures. So now at 0-2 out of the break does this increase the likely hood that Danny Ainge pulls the trigger on a deal? Don't be so sure.

It seems extremely unlikely at this point that any of Boston's star players will be included in a deal. Although a Rajon Rondo OR Paul Pierce for Josh Smith swap has been mentioned, Atlanta's asking price has been Rondo AND Pierce for Smith which is far too much for Boston to part with.

Jordan Crawford however is available on the Wizards roster. The Celtics are interested, and want to try to move Fab Melo for a player that can jump into the rotation at guard right now. This deal seems to make a lot of sense and would improve the team as it stands now.

Courtney Lee, Jeff Green and Brandon Bass appear to be the most likely players to draw interest outside of the big three, however no deal for any of them is on the horizon. Melo seems to be the most likely to go before the 3PM deadline.

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