Thursday, February 7, 2013

One of the More Fun Nights the Regular Season Offers

Tonight at the TD Garden is the most enjoyable night for me outside of the postseason each year. The night the Los Angeles Lakers are in town. A historic rivalry renewed, and always a chance of greatness. No matter what the records of the two teams, and the players missing from each roster, tonight provides the opportunity to see two first ballot hall of famers go head to head with a top 10 player of all time. And with the Lakers only here once a year (NBA Finals excluded) it is a rare sight to go and see.

It was 17 summers ago that Kobe Bryant was here working out pre-draft for the Celtics, and has ever since been dominating. It was five years ago that the Celtics topped the Lakers in the NBA Finals, and when Bill Belichick had these words to offer Kobe. It was three years ago that Kobe got his revenge and topped the Celtics on the same stage.

So forget the train wrecks that the start of both teams season's have been, because tonight could be a turning point for either team. But most of all a fun night for the fans that get to attend, and the true fans who appreciate the greatness the game has to offer.

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