Friday, March 8, 2013

Pierce a Hawk?

The trade deadline came and went in Boston with no major deals being made... but that doesn't mean one wasn't close. Reports surfaced today that the Celtics were very close to moving Paul Pierce for Josh Smith in a three way deal that would have landed Pierce in Dallas.

The Hawks asking price on Smith was Pierce and a first round draft pick which Danny Ainge was unwilling to part with. Dallas would have been sending a first rounder Atlanta's way as well as some role players. Josh Smith would have been the only piece coming to Boston, but the deal fell through and Pierce is still in green.

Would have been interesting to see, but Josh Smith would have been tough to re-sign, and it may have been even tougher to see the captain playing in a Dallas uniform. But tonight Pierce and Smith will face off playing for the only teams they have ever represented in the NBA.

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