Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just a Heads Up... Fab Melo is not Bad

Now don't read too much into this at first glance, but here are Fab Melo's last two stat lines from the D-league: 32 points, nine rebounds, nine blocks and 15 points, 16 rebounds, 14 blocks. Rather impressive numbers regardless of opponent. Keep Melo in Maine working on his game, he still is not ready to be called up, and this still does not solve Boston's gapping need for a big man. If they get the chance to pull the trigger on a deal for one of the names that have come up in trade talks they need to be prepared to do that. But despite what some may think, Melo could be a very serviceable center down the road. These past two games have showed both his ability to defend the basket, and something he was thought to be even less capable in doing by scoring the ball. Keep an eye on how this plays out.

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